Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Poodles Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit Pastime Poodles Kennel to purchase a Standard Poodle puppy?

Absolutely! Visitors and customers are always welcome to stop in and see us at Pastime Poodles. Our address is 26058 E. Snow Creek Road Amite, LA 70422. Please, call us at 985.981.1161 if you have any questions or need help with directions.

What forms of payment does Pastime Poodles accept?

Visa / MasterCard / Discover / American Express / Cash / Personal Checks (please allow 7 to 10 business days for personal checks to clear). To make a payment or find out more on our Standard Poodle puppy pricing please visit our Pricing page.

How big will a Standard Poodle grow to be?

Our Standard Poodles will grow to be approximately taller than 15 inches and weight 40-50 pounds (females) or 60-70 pounds (males)

What is the expected life span of a Standard Poodle?

We can’t be exactly precise when determining the life span of any dog breed, but on average Standard Poodle can live to be 12 to 15 years old.

Are your Poodles kept in cages?

No, we do not keep our Standard Poodles in cages of any kind.

Does Pastime Poodles have a puppy waiting list?

Not currently, however Yes, our Standard Poodles are of the highest quality and we do have people that are willing to wait for their perfect puppy. We never recommend making an impulse decision when purchasing a puppy, as this adorable joy of fur is going to become part of your family for many years to come. Individuals signed up on our puppy list will have an opportunity to see pictures of all new Poodle litters before they are posted to the public on our website. Call or email us today and find out how you can be added to our puppy waiting list.

How much is a Standard Poodle puppy at Pastime Poodles?

Our Standard Poodle  puppies are priced at $1,200 each. To reserve a puppy we require a $300 deposit. Please visit our “Pricing” page for complete details.

Are puppy deposits refundable?

No, the $300 puppy deposit is non-refundable and normally paid through Zelle However, if you prefer we will be happy to accept a personal check to hold your Standard Poodle puppy. Personal checks can be mailed to: Snow Creek Farms, Amite, LA 70422.

Can you ship or fly Standard Poodle puppies out of state?

Yes, Pastime Poodles will be happy to send your new puppy to you. Your Standard Poodle puppy can be flown to you overnight using airlines and flight nannies. Visit our Shipping page for complete details. Ground transportation is available too. Please, contact us if you would prefer ground transportation and we can provide you with more information.

When will Pastime Poodles allow me to bring my new Standard Poodle puppy home?

Most all of our Standard Poodle puppies will be available to travel home with their new owners at approximately 8 weeks of age. If our staff feels that a puppy needs additional time with the mother, then the puppy may stay longer. The staff at Pastime Poodles will make all final decisions in determining whether or not a puppy needs more time in our care before leaving our facility. We have great love for each puppy born in our kennel. That said, It is of great importance to ensure all of the Standard Poodles puppies from Pastime Poodles are in great health, strong, and maintaining a good diet before leaving our care.

Have Pastime Poodle puppies had their puppy shots and seen a veterinarian?

Yes, all of our Standard Poodle puppies are delivered by our facility’s primary veterinarian. When it is close to delivery time, the mother Standard Poodle is given to our veterinary for 24 hour watch & care until she has delivered her puppies. The poodle puppies will also have a 4 week healthy puppy checkup with our veterinarian to ensure all puppies are doing well. Each Standard Poodle puppy will have received two of their required puppy shots and several worming treatments before going home with their new family. To learn more about our puppy preparation process please visit Pastime Poodles Puppy Protocol page.

How is the temperament in Standard Poodles?

In general, Poodles are gentle, even-tempered dogs who get along well with children. Standard Poodles tend to be the best choice for families as smaller Poodle varieties can be more highly strung and may be snappy with children.

What colors are Scottish Terriers puppies available in?

Our Standard Poodle puppies we breed world class brindle, blue merle, sable, chocolate merle, abstract red, silver, black, & white puppies.

What type of fur do Scottish Terriers have?

A Poodle’s coat consists of wiry outer hair and a dense, cottony undercoat. The two layers can become quickly matted, especially when coming in contact with sticky substances like tree sap or mud. This is why most professional groomers strongly recommend daily brushing and combing, and a regular grooming routine.

Will grooming be required with a Scottish Terrier?

Considerable grooming is needed to keep the poodle looking trim. This prevents them from shedding and makes them hypoallergenic. But it also forces their owners to groom them a lot more frequently than they would have to if they had a dog with fur.



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