Our Dams

Meet Our Adult Female Standard Poodles

Below you will find our beautiful female Standard Poodles, also known as “Dams”. These ladies have helped us produce some of the best Standard Poodle puppies in the United States! We make sure these standard female poodles are well taken care of, keeping them healthy and making sure they maintain a pleasant temperament. We love each and every one of our ladies here at the Pastime Poodles. Please, feel free to bring the family to visit with all of our special girls. The girls always enjoy new visitors to the farm.

Our Female Standard Poodles

Hattie Mae

Hattie Mae is a two year old brindle female with a very tall and elegant stature. Her calm demeanor and loving nature will make her the perfect mom with her first upcoming litter. We are so excited to see what she produces.

Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann is a spunky two year old blue merle with a loose curly coat. Ruthie is known for producing both blue merle and chocolate merle puppies. She has been a great mom to her puppies in the past and we expect nothing less from her in the future.

Jackie O.

Jackie O is a black female puppy and is certainly the life of the party. When Jackie’s around it’s always play time and laughter is in the air. Just being in her presence will brighten up your day.


Becca is a merle standard poodle.  Enjoys playing with people and kids. On our farm she also runs and plays with our goats and even a horse. 


Classy is a Apricot and white standard poodle just over a year old. she will be a 1st time mother in 2024.


Esse is our beautiful sliver standard poodle who likes to stay in the recliner rather than getting her paws dirty.


Brown Abstract standard poodle. She also carries the Merle gene; she is only breed to male without this gene.


Anna is our red standard poodle. She will have her first litter in 2023. 

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