Meet Our Male Standard Poodles

Male Poodles

Dean O

One of our male poodles, Dean O, is a one year old white male Royal Poodle. One of our favorite things about Dean O is that he has never met a stranger and loves to greet people with a great big hug. Dean O loves galloping through the yard and playing chase with the other dogs.

Ringo Star

Ringo Star is a silver male puppy who loves to play. We always get a good laugh out of Ringo because he plays as if he only weighs 8lbs, when in reality he weighs 4x that. We expect to get some beautiful black, white and silver puppies out of Ringo.


Austin is a beautiful red abstract red male with a shy but sweet personality. Though he is only 1 year old, he is a pup of tall stature and  very powerful.  When you see him you can’t help but fall in love


Buddy is a royal brown standard Parti. He love attention and run around the farm; and really like to give hugs. 

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