Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Getting Poodle To You.

Be not discouraged if you do not live in commuting distance of Pastime Poodles. If you cannot come to us, we can get your new family member to you. You name it—Texas, Boston, California, New York—Poodle can get there safely.

When pups fly…

Pastime Poodles’ preferred travel method: by air, of course! While we’ve not managed to genetically engineer wings for our pups (yet), we have managed to put them on planes across the United States for eighteen years thanks to our chosen airlines’ pet safety programs. We’ve found this method to be the safest and most efficient for long-distance transport. We charge a flat rate of $400 to fly pup to you, regardless of the destination or duration of air-time.

Which wings?

Typically, Our Poodles will fly via Delta, American, or United Airlines from Baton Rouge, LA or New Orleans, LA to a hub city and then to your regional airport. The best airline option depends on Poodle’s specific destination within the U.S. and the season of travel. For instance, if your poodle is traveling outside the continental U.S., say, to Alaska, we may utilize a different airline such as AlaskaAir. A team member will be happy to discuss region-specific travel information to help you in choosing the right line of transport for your new pup. Bear in mind also that all of the airlines we utilize have well-tried programs in place for transporting precious cargo, that is, living and breathing cargo!
Nothing is more important to us than the surety of your poodle’s well-being before, during, and after transit as well as your peace of mind. Like transporting people by air, transporting puppies can come with its challenges, such as weather, delays, or cancellations. The airlines’ pet safety programs are systems put in place to meet these challenges with efficiency. Likewise, Pastime Poodle team members are here for support when you have questions or concerns about the journey. Below are links to our most frequently used airlines’ web pages detailing pet shipping.

Baggage Check

Given that Poodle will be airborne for a few hours at most, travel is light. He/ she will arrive in a crate equipped with a puppy bed and a holder for food and water. Your pup’s paperwork will arrive separately, as we mail it to the address you provide three days prior to the journey.

Upon Arrival…

Hooray, your Poodle has landed, and you are ready to take your new pup home for good! To make the last part of the trek as smooth as possible for both you and pup, you’ll need some essentials: a water bottle filled with water, a plastic bag (to dispose of the bed from the plane crate, as there will be soiling), and a few clean towels for drying and re-lining the crate. Puppy will be hungry, but please resist the urge to feed before or during the car ride. This will likely result in car sickness. Wait until you get home to feed pup, and when that time comes feed only a small amount while pup settles in. Remember, there will be so much new stimuli, and little nervous/digestive systems take a while to adjust.

Now begins the real journey—raising a Standard Poodle!

Delta: Shipping your pet

American Airlines: Transporting animals

United: Petsafe

West Coast

Pastime Poodles Take The West Coast!

Your Poodle will have had quite a journey from Pastime Poodles in South Louisiana through the air all the way to a hub city near you on the West Coast. Lately, Poodles have been arriving in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle to be taken back to their forever homes to a new family (you).

Forever Wherever

For a Standard Poodle, wherever their new family might be settled on the West Coast of the continental U.S., a forever home is important as Poodles tend to make strong bonds with one family in a lifetime. Whether you are a beach bum living in Southern California, a forest-dweller of the American Northwest, or living a quiet life in the suburbs of Sacramento, your Poodle will quickly make her/himself a fixture in your routine.

poodles love their people so much that, as they grow into themselves as adult dogs, they are often content to sit for hours just being next to members of the family. This makes Standard Poodles great companions for anyone whose life moves at a slow pace. Elderly folks and chronically injured people are often drawn to Poodles for their popularity as service dogs.

Weathering the Weather

Standard Poodles absolutely thrive in the cold, thanks to their thick coats. The coat, though helpful in keeping them warm in cold climates and winter, needs frequent grooming in the summer months and in warmer areas of the coast. For instance, if you’re raising a Poodle in San Diego, you’ll want to keep the groomer on speed dial, or have the grooming tools readily at your disposal.

While it lasts…

Enjoy the lively puppy-hood of your Poodle as they tend to calm down quickly as they grow up. Take them outside; they are resilient and need adventure as much as any pup. Begin leash training early and use a harness to prevent that nasty choking sensation that can accompany collar-leash training. A harness will be much more comfortable for your pup. The more time you spend with your pup in the formative months, the stronger that bond will be between dog and person when pup is all grown.

East Coast

Pastime Poodles: East Coast Bound

Your Standard Poodle pup’s journey from South Louisiana to your home on the East Coast will be a worthwhile one because YOU are the destination. Before your poodle gets to you, he’ll arrive in a hub city closest to you. In the past, we’ve air shipped our Poodles to many of the hub cities along the East Coast, including Washington, D.C., Boston, Charleston, Portland, Melbourne, FL, and Manchester, NH.

Forever Home

It does not matter so much where your pup comes home. What does matter is a forever home as Standard Poodles fair the best when they can make strong bonds with members of one family. Whether you spend your time on the beaches of South Florida or the rocky shores of the Northeast, your Poodle will quickly become part of the routines of your household. As Poodles age, they will be content to simply be next to their familiar people for extended periods of time. It is common for people with disabilities or the elderly to use Poodles as service dogs.

Weather Talk

Thanks to their thick coats, Standard Poodles thrive in cold, so snowy days are no biggie and season changes to the chilly months are welcomed in your Poodle’s world. The coat, needing frequent grooming in the summer months and in warmer climates, will do its warming work in the winter.  For instance, if you live in Florida, you’ll definitely want to keep grooming tools on-hand for regular use.

Enjoy puppy hood!

For Standard Poodle pups, that puppy energy will fade as quickly as they grow, so enjoy the spark while it lasts. So, take your pup on adventures! They are resilient and need plenty of opportunities to exercise. As with any pup, it’s best to begin leash-training early and recommended to use a harness instead of a collar. Puppies naturally pull, and as a result, collar use for puppies will create a choking sensation that is unpleasant. Remember that puppies are very impressionable, so it is important to create opportunities to bond with your pup. Play, and keep playing, until they let you know it’s time to stop. You’ll be glad you did.

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