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Pastime Poodles is a AKC registered kennel offering beautiful Standard Poodle puppies for sale. We have a gorgeous facility located in Amite, Louisiana and breed world class Standard Poodle puppies. Below you will find the latest litters of Standard Poodle puppies for sale at Pastime Poodles. Our puppy pictures are updated frequently and new puppies are being added on a regular basis. So, if you were watching a particular Poodle puppy on our site that someone else purchased before you. Don’t worry…We will be adding a new litter of Standard Poodle puppies for sale very soon!

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Why Standard Poodles

The Timeless Appeal of Standard Poodles: Why They Make Excellent Pets Introduction Standard Poodles have long been celebrated as exceptional companions, blending intelligence, elegance, and

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At Pastime Poodles, we breed our Standard Poodle puppies to have a wonderful temperament, be playful and have a loving personality. We also work very hard to socialize each puppy with people and other animals before the young Poodle goes home with their new owner. How do we socialize our puppies you ask? Thanks to the generous owners of Red Barn Farm Tour, all of our Standard Poodle puppies for sale have an opportunity to travel with the traveling barn to schools, camps, festivals, and parties to be part of the barn’s entertainment. 

Beginning at age 5-6 weeks our Standard Poodle puppies go with the Red Barn Farm Tour and help entertain 100s to 1000s of children and adults. The puppies will be held and played with, as well as interact with other farm animals during these Red Barn functions. This program has proven to work wonders on our Standard Poodle puppies socialization skills, and by week 8 when it’s time for the puppies to join their new families at home, the Poodle puppies will be much calmer, content, and comfortable with everyone holding, kissing and loving all over them.

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